Big Loud Records Makes ‘HiXTAPE Music’ A Lifestyle Brand

December 14, 2020

After the success of BIG LOUD RECORDS artist HARDY’S 2019 album, “HIXTAPE VOL.1,” the company has turned “HIXTAPE” into a lifestyle brand. BIG LOUD RECORDS has launched a HIXTAPE website and online apparel store inspired by HARDY’s album full of collaborations, including songs with COLE SWINDELL, DUSTIN LYNCH and more.

Fans can subscribe at for exclusive music content, discounts on branded apparel, plus news and fun features, like an animated music video of HARDY’s “He Went to Jared,” featuring MORGAN WALLEN.

“I had the idea of doing an EP with features on it,” said HARDY. “Over the course of a year, I had worked with so many artists, and we’d had so much fun, that people jumped onboard. That was kinda the plan all along – to build a ‘HiXTAPE’ mafia and invite everyone along for the joyride. In the future, I won’t be the only person to make a HiXTAPE. It feels like there’s room enough for a whole bunch of us to play here.”

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